Great Recommendations

2006 — August — Music

All One World by Anne Trenning

Reviewed by Cherie Lassiter


It is morning, and there is a gentle summer rain falling. I put on All One World and think what perfect music to hear while outside the world is being nourished and cooled. That is how I felt as I listened to Anne's beautiful piano compositions. Her fingers fall like rain on the keys and feed your soul with soothing sound.

Organic and heartfelt, Anne's music is from the soul and touches your own. In a complex world that strives to reach sophisticated, technical heights, there is nothing higher than music written and played from the heart and soul.

In addition to Anne's piano, there is rich French Horn, strings and flute. The music is pure and transformative. Anne's message of global peace and unity is heard in and through the music.

There are no vocals in All One World, but I hear thoughts of peace and love, and I feel what Anne is saying through each piece. The Celtic folk soul is with All One World — the ancestors' reverence for every living creature and for our earth are heard through her record. In a world of constant change, chaos and duality, All One World reminds us of what lies within us all; the desire for oneness, peace, love and purity. We are all a part of bringing about transformation in our world and, like Anne Trenning and All One World, we can all make a difference by expressing our truth, our spirit and our connection to the One.

Based in Charlotte, NC, Anne can be reached through her website,