All One World

 performed by instrumental pianist/composer Anne Trenning


What a message of hope even in the title of this album, “All One World”. Oh, that we could be united in this lovely call to peace.  Anne Trenning has made a very good start towards that end, by bringing people together through the plaintive tunes of a common bond… music.


The title cut, “All One World” gets into your head & heart. An excellent place for seeds of peace to be sown.

My favorite song is the next one, “Ben’s Song”. Living here in Appalachia, the wistful sounds of the violin among other instruments of a long ago time, have a drawing force that speaks, ‘Come rest at home..’. I have listened to this one over and over again. Maybe it’s my Celtic roots that resonate so well with it.


I also loved, “Clarecastle” and “How Fair My Love”, for their ability to take me to far away places in the mind. The power of music never fails to amaze me. Like mini vacations when the sounds are as grand as in this album.


Anne Trenning has a rich and varied musical background, that bespeaks her foundation for creating beautiful music for us today. More can be read about her on her website: . Her albums can be ordered from that site as well as from and


Now living in Charlotte, NC, I am sure Ms. Trenning receives daily inspiration from that gorgeous part of the country. And we are the recipient for the joyous tunes she has produced in the past, & will continue to create for our listening enjoyment.

So listen to “Maggie Rose” and I dare you not to tap your toes in time!


Happy Listening!


Rev Dr Sandra Gaskin